How Can We Help Each Other?

Working together to offer families support during school closures and beyond

One Parent's Interesting Idea

A mom reached out to us this week asking if there was any way she could earn free materials to help teach her son at home during the COVID-19 crisis. She asked us: "If I help you sell 5 sets of Language Builder Cards, will you give me one for my son?" 

Honestly, I've never thought of that, but as I turn it over in my head, it does make sense. We could accomplish 4 things at once:

  • Spread the word about the free and paid materials we have to help families at home
  • Put some money directly in the pockets of families, teachers and therapists
  • Give families the educational materials and curriculum they need for free
  • Help us stay afloat so we can come out the other side of this able to still serve the families, educators and children whom we love

With a little research, I found there are lots of ways we might make this happen. But first, I want to get some feedback from you:

  • Is this actually something families, teachers and therapists would want?
  • How you would want it to work?
  • What else can we be doing to help?

If you could answer a few questions, it would help us  make sure we are helping everyone in the best ways possible. 

Please Share Your Thoughts

Are you interested in some sort of program that would help you get free autism education materials?
Please check all that apply?
I want a program that lets me earn free autism education materialsI am willing to share information about Stages Learning Materials in my social networkI would like Stages to create an affiliate program where I can earn cash though my blog or social mediaI would like some sort of a party-based program like Discovery Toys or Stella & DotI would be interested in purchasing a starter kit of products at a discount of 50% off retail

What other ideas do you have for ways that Stages could help families get the materials they need, in addition to the free materials we already offer on our website?

Is there anything else you would like to share with us about your experiences or challenges during the recent school closures?